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First extension to the mobileOK Checker library released to check files! — 2 July 2009

A new extension to the W3C mobileOK open source library is available that can be used to validate pages served via the file URI scheme. The W3C mobileOK open source Java library has been developed in such a way that it is very easy to extend. We strongly encourage people to extend this library so that a better infrastructure is provided to designers for creating mobile-friendly content.

The mobileOK Basic Tests 1.0 Checker library provides a reference implementation of the tests specified in the W3C mobileOK Scheme 1.0. This scheme requires that pages are served via HTTP protocol, however there might be some cases where validating pages that are stored locally would be useful. Therefore, this new extension has been created and can be used to validate pages served via file URI scheme. The extension is designed and implemented in a way that does not affect the basic reference implementation. It is also important to note that validating pages only with this extension does not guarantee that the page is mobileOK as some tests require HTTP connection. This extension has to be used in-coordination with the W3C mobileOK Checker and does not replace the core mobileOK library.

If you want to use this extension with the main library then you need to download and install it.

A technical documentation explains in detail how this extension can be installed and used.

This extension has been developed as part of the UK EPSRC funded RIAM (Reciprocal Interoperability of Accessible and Mobile Webs) project with the help of the Mobile Web Best Practices Checker Task Force.

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