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Looking for feedback on the Mobile Web Application Best Practices! — 12 May 2009

In the past few months, the Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group has been pursuing its work on best practices to ease the development of Mobile Web Applications. A third working draft of the Mobile Web Application Best Practices document was published a few days ago.

The set of best practices is not meant to be definitive. That said, the working group believes the document to be fairly stable and does not anticipate major changes based on internal discussions. That is precisely why the working group is eagerly looking for your feedback on the document. Are you a Web Application author with some background in mobile technologies? Are you aware of techniques that should be mentioned in the document? Do you think that one of the best practices look harmful in some case? The group would be glad to hear your comments and update the document consequently!

To provide feedback, simply send an email to the public mailing-list (archives) or get in touch with me.

The best practices statements are organized around six axes:

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