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Content Transformation Guidelines in Last Call — 6 August 2008

The Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group published a Last Call Working Draft of the Content Transformation Guidelines document a few days ago.

The document establishes a framework for Content providers and Content Transformation proxies to better communicate with each other so that the user be provided with at least a functional user experience of the Web, when mobile. The starting point is that Content Transformation is being deployed widely across mobile data access networks.

Since the publication of the document as a First Public Working Draft, and the last announcement in this blog, most of the document has been re-written in a more precise and normative way.

The publication of a document as a Last Call means that the Working Group thinks it managed to create a consistent document that represents the consensus view of a range of industry players. It now encourages the community at large to review and comment on the document.

The Working Group expects that changes will have to be made. For instance, it was already pointed out that the interpretation of a URI reference that is a same-document URI, and that is defined without fragment identifier, as pointing out to the underlying resource, and not to this specific representation of the resource does not match that defined in the RFC 3986 (section 4.4). The Working Group is likely to change its recommended use of the Link element.

The Last Call review period ends on 16 September 2008. Comments should be sent to the public mailing-list (publicly archived).

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