Publishing WG Telco, 2019-01-14: Scope of the WG

See minutes online for a more detailed record of the discussions.

Remembering Robin Seaman

Robin Seaman, from Benetech, passed away last week (see a separate obituary). She was a tremendous person, and will be missed. She changed the world by her devotion to accessible publishing. R.I.P.

Scope of the group’s work

As part of the explainer documents it is important to have a clear idea of the scope of the work for the WG for the second half of its chartered time. This was the main topic of the discussion.

A preliminary draft for a scope was put forward by Tzviya Siegman and Ivan Herman (Tzviya has added a section on modularity into the current explainer document, and Ivan’s documented his views as a more detailed proposal in a separate text). The overall approach is:

  • The current WP draft should concentrate on a Web Publication Manifest only (probably with a change in title).
  • The work on audio books should be in a separate, Rec-track document as its own profile, and is the main subject of work for 2019.
  • A document on packaging should be developed, aimed at Web Publications in general (the format to be decided soon).
  • The group may/should also look at other profiles as they come up (visual narrative, scholarly, educational) but not as a Rec track in this charter period.
  • The section on affordances of the current draft should migrate into either a separate Note or merged with the UCR Note

Other profiles, adoption of Web Packaging, etc, would be the subject of a possible rechartered group in 2020.

There was an overall agreement with this line of scope and work, and it was agreed that the scoping statements would be merged/added with the explainer; this is important for a TAG review of the group’s work.

There were also some further discussions on whether it is important/possible to re-base the work on the manifest on an abstract data model (Dave Cramer has written a first draft). The discussions were not fully conclusive, but a data model part may become the subject of a separate Note or be incorporated into the document on Web Publication Manifest.