Publishing WG Telco, 2018-09-17: Issue Review, UAs that are not WP-Aware


We reviewed options for formal incubation of new ideas. After some back and forth, we agreed to create a new GitHub repo for incubation purposes.

GitHub Project Organization

We are taking advantage of GitHub Projects to help plan meetings. See https://github.com/w3c/wpub/projects/4 to see what is coming up on calls and F2F meetings.

Issue review

We looked at PR #331 and the corresponding issue #325. Hadrien Gardeur recommends that we remove the fallback on the title element in the entry page because the infoset does not require a title.

Issue #271 is about what happens when a WP is opened in a user agent that has not been enhanced to support WPs. Tim Cole pointed out that we might serve ourselves better by approaching this slightly differently. When one opens a WP in an existing UA, you should see something, and it should be usable. However, we need to remember that there is a distinction between regular web pages and WPs. The elements that are accessed by opening the WP in a WP-aware UA are what distinguishes a WP from a website. There was some discussion about what those things are and a reminder that we still need to tie our documentation back to the Use Cases document.