Publishing WG Telco, 2018-09-10: ToC structures, ToC pointing out of bounds, term renaming

See minutes online for a more detailed record of the discussions.

ToC structures

The discussion on Issue 291 on the structure of Table of Content (ToC) continued after the last call and on github. The favored approach is:

  1. An algorithm is proposed to retrieve a ToC from an HTML content in general
  2. The approach for the UA is that if that algorithm fails, then the referenced ToC structure is displayed as is

The problem is that it seems to be difficult to define such an algorithm in general; it may seem necessary to define an HTML structure for ToC, ie, to define a preferred ToC structure (and its retrieval algorithm). The agreement is that we leave this until the TPAC F2F and, if no suitable algorithm is found by then, we take up (a relaxed form of) the EPUB3 Nav structure and incorporate it into the WPUB spec, together with a clear algorithm for that structure.

Pointing outside the WPUB boundaries from ToC

The question (see Issue 276) is whether a ToC entry is allowed to point at a resource that is not within the declared “boundaries” of a WP, ie, not listed in the default reading order or the auxiliary resources. The resolution is that a ToC entry SHOULD point to within the boundary (but using a MUST is not really reinforceable). Editorial changes on the document would be made accordingly.

Possible renaming of schema.org terms

The question (see Issue 312) is whether the current terms used by schema.org should be renamed to their more “natural” equivalent (e.g., use the more natural title instead name). The agreement was that, although technically possible via JSON-LD contexts, we should not “redefine” schema.org terms. The only exception (also done by schema.org) to remove the @ from the JSON-LD “keywords”, like @id, @type, @language, and @value


A preliminary TPAC agenda is now online, still subject to change depending on new topics or adjustments with visitors.