Web of Things at FIWARE Summit


Dave Raggett, W3C activity lead for the Web of Data and champion for the Web of Things, gave an invited talk on the Web of Things at the plenary session of the FIWARE Summit on Tuesday 8 May in Porto, Portugal. FIWARE is a leading open source IoT platform that has emerged from IoT projects supported by the European Commission. Dave later met with FIWARE staff to discuss potential opportunities for collaboration between W3C and FIWARE in respect to alignment between the W3C Web of Things object model and scripting API with the FIWARE Orion context broker, which is based upon ETSI’s NGSI-LD as a REST API using JSON-LD for querying, updating and notifications of changes to the context, including IoT devices. Given the use of W3C’s framework for Linked Data as the basis for both the Web of Things and FIWARE’s Context Broker, it makes sense to look for opportunities to align the vocabularies and APIs.