Publishing WG Telco, 2018-03-26: EPUB3.2 Update, Task force reports

See minutes online for a more detailed record of the discussions.

EPUB 3.2

This is just an FYI, as far as this WG is concerned.

The EPUB3 CG has put forward a proposal for an EPUB 3.2; (see previous overview for further details). This is now accepted by the Business Group and the work goes ahead in the Community Group. Interested parties should look at the github issues. There were some discussion on the call on how this information should be presented to publishers and how that work might affect the work on WPs. It has been agreed to add this item to the upcoming F2F meeting in Toronto.

Task forces

Small reports on the two major task forces’ work. (Last few weeks were conference heavy, meaning that the TF’s had some hiatus in their work.)

WAM task force

The TF has a call and set up a github “project”, with a triage of the accumulated and relevant issues. Some of the issues will be discussed further and may lead, eventually, to explicit issues to the WAM editors, others are set to be handled elsewhere (in another group or in this group). Next step is to look at the individual issues to formulate the right questions.

(See separate meeting minutes.)

Affordances’ task force

A separate document has been created to plan the work and there was a separate meeting setting up the goals of the work. The main issue is to establish the work to be done in general.

The main work is to establish what has to be said for each affordance in the final document. There is a separate issue that ended up with a more specific proposal; to be discussed further.

(See separate meeting minutes.)


  • There were conference repors on ebookcraft and CSUN
  • The list of possible agenda item for the coming F2F meeting is now online
  • No meeting next week due to Easter/Passover