Publishing WG Telco, 2017-11-27: PWP, Locators

See minutes online for a more detailed record of the discussions.


There has been work on putting together a FPWD for PWP. The current approach is to:

  • Have two major top-level sections
    1. list PWP-specific information items
    2. possible packaging solutions
  • The conformance would allow for a particular profile to conform to Part 1, but choose its own packaging format
  • The content of (1) is topic of active discussion on the repository issues’ list
  • The content of (2), at this moment, is only a list of possible alternatives, no decision can be made for now yet.

An editor’s draft is already in preparation. The goal is to request a FPWD transition before the holidays.


The Locator Document has already been discussed at TPAC. The only outstanding issue to be decided before a FPWD is what to do with fraction identifiers.

This WG cannot define such identifiers for media types outside of its control (e.g., HTML). But WP specific fragment identifiers may be proposed. The alternatives are to define such identifiers (quoting from the discussion on github):

  1. Unrefined Embedded Resource Selectors
  2. Refined & unrefined Embedded Resource Selectors
  3. Any of the 3 new Selectors which are meant to work with collective resources like WPubs and PWPubs

The consensus, on the github discussion and the call is to stick to (1). A new PR will be prepared accordingly.

FPWD publications

The chairs will put forward a proposal for a detailed schedule.