Publishing WG Telco, 2017-07-31: terminology, packaging, locators

See minutes online for a more detailed record of the discussions.


There has been lots of discussions in the past few weeks on various terminology issues. To have a common (albeit not final) baseline, the definition for some terms have been proposed in the current FPWD editors’ draft and discussed on the call. The WG has accepted a baseline definition for

(See the links for the exact values.) These definitions, with some minor wording modifications that were also discussed during the call will be added to the editors’ draft.

Web Packaging Spec

There has been some feedback from the separate work on Web Packaging. The technical details, as well as the division of work between IETF and W3C are still not clear. The plan is to have the editor of the packaging spec join our call in the coming weeks to go for a common understanding. It is expected that this WG will provide use cases for the packaging spec in case there is a clear commonality between the different groups.

Identifiers, locators

There were further discussion on what exactly the role of an identifier for WP-s (as opposed to locators). It has been agreed that we need a clear set of requirements on what WP expects from identifiers; it has been agreed to provide such a set in the days to come.