Publishing WG Telco, 2017-06-16: Admin, manifests

See minutes online for a more detailed record of the discussions.


This is the first teleconference of the Working Group, following the two days’ F2F meeting in NYC the previous week. The group approved the minutes of those two days (see the for the first day and the Second day.

The group also agreed on a change of the teleconference tools.

Manifest kickoff

The group discussed the upcoming main work for the group, namely defining what is loosely referred to as “manifest”. For the sake of the discussions for the coming period, the group agreed to use the term loosely as a collection of information that is necessary for the purposes of a Web Publication. The group agreed to begin by surveying the PWP Use case documents to collect the minimal amount of information that is minimally necessary without a concern, for now, on the format, serialization, etc., of this set of information. The main guidelines is “The Web works, use it!” (quote from Baldur Bjarnason, as conveyed to the group by Dave Cramer…). This will be the main goal of the upcoming two weeks, i.e., before the next call (next week’s call has been cancelled due to the US 4th of July festivities).