DPUB IG Telco, 2017-03-20: Final issues on charter, timeline, F2F

See minutes online for a more detailed record of the discussions.

EPUB Summit, PBG F2F

Garth reported on the EPUB Summit 2017, which was a very successful event, with more participants than last year. Lots of presentations on the usage of EPUB, on Readium LCP. Laurent Le Meurs posted a summary.

This was followed by a Publishing BG F2F in London (the minutes of the meeting are also available); that meeting took care of most of the issues in the WG charter. (See full issue list). B.t.w., the WG’s name has been changed to “Publishing WG”.

There was also a discussion on the future of this Interest Group. The feeling is that it will wind down when its charter expires (October 2017), and the work will migrate to the Working Group. The only work in this IG that must continue and has not yet been decided upon is the work on Latinreq; it has been agreed to add this as a possible WG Note output of the Working Group.


The group also discussed the timeline of deliverables that must be added to the charter. There has been a proposal before the IG call and that seemed to be reasonable; it is what is in the charter draft now.

Planned WG F2F Dates and place

With the shift in chartering the original schedule for a F2F early June is not possible. The current target dates are June 22-23, either in NYC or Paris. A poll will be set up to see what the preferences are in the group.