W3C expresses concerns on visa suspension that may hurt our worldwide collaboration

W3C statement in the wake of recent changes that may hurt our worldwide collaboration:

Global cooperation is critical to the development of the World Wide Web. Contributors to and implementors of Web standards come together from around the world to specify and build an interoperable platform for information exchange, the Open Web Platform. Our Team and Offices, our Community as well, are distributed. We are stronger for the participation of contributors from diverse backgrounds and nationalities.

We at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) have therefore been watching with concern the recent changes to United States travel policy, as have fellow Internet organizations ACM, IETF, ICANN, ISOC, and USENIX. While we do much of our work online, we also rely on face-to-face meetings to help in building consensus and moving work forward.

We ourselves are looking at ways to ensure the inclusivity of all of our meetings including our premier face-to-face event TPAC 2017, scheduled for November in Burlingame, California. While we currently are not in a position to move our TPAC meeting, we continue to look at the situation as it evolves and are looking into how we can enhance remote participation.

3 thoughts on “W3C expresses concerns on visa suspension that may hurt our worldwide collaboration

  1. Um, the “ban” is only for 90 days. November is nine months away. Pro tip: stick to technical issues instead of politics.

    1. I agree. If you really have issue with Trump, hold the meeting elsewhere. If this isn’t a political ‘dig’ at Trump’s/Obama’s decision, It’s quite worrying that the organisation responsible for holding the www together cannot relocate a meeting that isn’t due to be held for 9 months…
      I, like many others, am beginning to lose respect for a lot of people for sticking their noses into politics, and abusing their position of power. This power only exists if it is related to what you excel in.

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