DPUB IG Telco, 2017-02-13: A11y task force, PWP issues, Misc planning

See minutes online for a more detailed record of the discussions.

Accessibility Task Force

Based on last week’s agreement, the A11Y TF has started to draft a text that may end up in the charter. There are two different issues:

  1. Text in the charter related to the overall deliverables
  2. Whether there should be a separate deliverable on some sort of a WCAG adjunct or addition.

The first item is in the making and under discussion; the second will also be a subject of discussion with the relevant WG

PWP Issues

Some pending discussion issues were settled, relevant to the PWP draft. These are:

  • Online/offline: the exact formulation on how offline vs. online is described. Although everyone agreed that offline capabilities are “very very SHOULD”, there was some reticence of saying MUST. It was agreed that the PWP draft (as well as the charter) may be a bit more verbose in describing the wishes, the exact “spec-talk” wording will have to be discussed in the Working Group
  • Manifest details: the wording in the current text has been deemed to be to restrictive insofar as it suggested that a manifest must provide, eg, ordering for all resources (which is not the case). A different wording has been agreed.

The editorial changes will be proposed in the repo during the week.


Future publications

It has been agreed that, once the aforementioned changes will happen in the PWP draft, publishing a new version will be timely for both the UCR and the PWP drafts.

Possible WG F2F

The current consensus is to hold a F2F meeting in New York, on the 5th and 6th of June. This will be after BEA, i.e., many people may be in NYC anyway.

Adobe is considering hosting the meeting.