DPUB IG Telco, 2017-01-23: DPUB WG Charter, PWP locators, Misc.

See minutes online for a more detailed record of the discussions.

DPUB WG Charter discussion

There has been some changes on the charter:

  • The Goals and Scope sections have been added; these are consistent with what is currently in the PWP document. However, some discussions have started on the mailing list which affects those sections; until that is resolved, the charter’s sections should be frozen (and updated when the time comes)
  • Some text have been added to make clear that the WG would work with the WCAG Working Group to make sure that publishing’s needs are taken into account (this is now in scope for WCAG)
  • The section on ARIA deliverables has been changed slightly (see Issue #10)

PWP Draft on locators

Leonard described his proposed changes on the draft (merged by now): removed the locators where it was not necessary, keeping things at a high level. No separate section on locators only a general definition. He also did some other editorial changes (more consistent usage of WP, for example).

The major thing to discuss is on the introduction section, that covers the basic definition on WP; this is now a mailing list discussion (that should yield explicit issues).


  • The Web Annotation WG has issued a Proposed Recommendation now, W3C members are encouraged to vote
  • Garth Conboy gave a brief overview of the IDPF/W3C merger status (briefly: things may be completed very soon now)
  • Some discussion on the upcoming DPUB BG and CG status
  • Planning for a DPUB WG F2F (hoping that WG to happen); currently the first F2F would be set to the week of the 5th of June, in NYC (hosted by Adobe), the second as part of the W3C TPAC week (week of the 6th of November) in the Silicon Valley.