W3C Web of Things Interest Group Face-to-Face Meeting in EURECOM

The Web of Things Interest Group met in Sophia Antipolis, France on 25-28 January 2016, hosted by Eurecom. This started with a plugfest, which is now a regular feature of our face to face meetings. There were four proposed tracks of implementations security, APIs, thing registry and HATEOAS. This event attracted more than 20 implementations including remote participations. A highlight was a demo remotely controlling an air conditioner in Osaka, Japan.

The 26th was devoted to an open day with a variety of presentations. In the morning Johannes Hund from Siemens talked about WoT – exploring the physical world and Dave Raggett from W3C talked about the benefits WoT can bring in manufacturing world creating smart manufacturing. Soumya Kanti Datta from Eurecom described how WoT can assist vehicles to be a part of the constantly growing ecosystem of IoT. Victor Charpenay from Siemens and Louay Bassbouss and Fraunhofer FOKUS shared their insights on Resource-based µRDF Store for T2T Interactions and Implementation of Thing API for HomeKit.

In the afternoon, Matthias Kovatsch from Siemens gave an overview of HATEOAS approaches. Martin Bauer from NEC and Omar Elloumi from Nokia described the semantics in oneM2M. This followed on from the ETSI M2M Workshop in Sophia Antipolis in 2015, where Dave and Soumya had presented the W3C related work. Omar returned the favour by talking to us about his interest in further collaboration between oneM2M and the W3C WoT IG.

The next two days featured detailed discussions on our current work items with break out sessions for each of the four technical task forces.

Plugfest preparation on Jan 25 group photo on Eurecom steps