Extensible Web Summit: Melbourne Edition

The TAG has been engaging with the developer community through evening meetups and longer “summit” events. We’ve so far run three “extensible web summit” events, two in San Francisco and one in Berlin, Our next face-to-face meeting is coming up in Melbourne in January 2016 and we thought we’d take advantage of this opportunity to meet and get feedback from the vibrant web developer community there.

So…with the help of our hosts at RMIT, we’re going to run a half-day developer event and un-conference: “Extensible Web Summit, Melbourne Edition.” This will be a half-day event in the afternoon of the 12th of January. If you want to find out more about the ethos behind the Extensible Web Summit, please visit our page at extensiblewebsummit.org.

Topics to be discussed will include the Extensible Web Manifesto  as well as other new and emerging web technologies and standards.

The Summit is free to attend and depends heavily on participant engagement. After the lightning talks, participants will create the schedule for a set of parallel breakout sessions. These discussions will be moderated and will be minuted, with the intention of informing future work.

Please register if you would like to attend. We hope to see you there!

2 thoughts on “Extensible Web Summit: Melbourne Edition

  1. Thanks for these opportunities to interact with the TAG in the interest of an Extensible Web. Can you say when / where the next such unconference will be?

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