DPUB IG Telco, 2015-10-05: Portable Web Publication Draft, CSS Inline, Extended Description Analysis

See minutes online for a more detailed record of the discussions. (The headers below link into the relevant sections of the minutes.)

Portable Web Publication Draft

The PWP Editor’s draft has been updated since like week. Ivan Herman gave a status report, whereby:

  • The term ‘Publication’ has replaced ‘Document’ overall
  • The terminology for states have been incorporated into the document
  • The EPUB dependencies have been removed; instead, a separate section has been added on the relationships to EPUB

There were some discussions on the last issue during the call. It was agreed that

  • The section on EPUB relationships should be a full-blown section and not an appendix
  • That section included a paragraph making it clear that the content of a PWP are (just like EPUB) primarily Open Web Platform resources. That content stays where it is, but the section on terminology should also include some very clear statement in the same direction

It has been agreed that these changes will be done within 1-2 days, and that the rest of the group can look at, and comment by email, between now and next Monday. The goal is to make a formal decision on next Monday to publish a First Public Working Draft

CSS Inline

Dave Cramer has reported that the Initial Letter features have been implemented in the latest version of Safari, and it ships in IOS9 as well as Mac OS “El Capitan”. Although there are some bugs, this is still a great step forward. Unfortunately, tests are still missing, and continuing work on internationalization is necessary (what are the Initial Letter features in, say, Arabic?).

Extended Description Analysis with PF

Michael Cooper published an Extended Description Analysis with PF, that outlines proposed approaches to provide extended descriptions (@longdesc, aria-describedby, etc), in view of making a final decision in which direction the ARIA work would decide to go in this respect. The Accessibility task force has already looked at the table, and will produce comments to the PF Working Group before TPAC


The group discussed the schedules and joint meeting plans with other groups in view of the W3C Technical Plenary in a few weeks. The group also decided to hold its meeting next week, although that day is Columbus day in the US.