Web Payment, Welcome new W3C Member: Ingenico

Next week, we’re holding the W3C Web & Payment workshop in Paris, hosted by Ingenico, a W3C Member we welcomed a few months ago.

Ingenico believes that only open and interoperable payment standards will enable the sustainable development of an ecosystem that is experiencing a major change with the proliferation of connected devices. This is how the Group intends to invest in the W3C, based on its 30 years of experience in electronic payment, to participate in the definition of tomorrow’s e-payment standards.

One thought on “Web Payment, Welcome new W3C Member: Ingenico

  1. I would like to know of each part in discussions on the issue. Useful arguments between very interested surely arise. Banks, developers, governments, everyone has interests that sustain. I look forward to the article about this workshop, as some we could not witness it.

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