RDF 1.1 document suite on its way to Recommendation

The RDF Working Group has published the documents of the RDF 1.1 document suite as Proposed (Edited) Recommendation. Together, these documents provide significant updates and extensions of the 2004 RDF specification. For example:

  • Multiple graphs are now part of the RDF data model.
  • Turtle is included in the standard and is as much as possible aligned with SPARQL.
  • TriG is an extension of Turtle and provides a syntax for multiple graphs. Any Turtle document is also a valid TriG document.
  • N-Triples and N-Quads are corresponding line-based exchange formats.
  • JSON-LD provides an exciting new connection between the RDF and JSON worlds.

In “What’s New in RDF 1.1” you can find a detailed description of the new and updated features. The Working Group has also published the first version of a new RDF Primer and a note on semantics of multiples graphs. Comments very welcome!