Open Web Platform Weekly Summary – 2013-02-25 – 2013-03-03

This is our weekly Openweb Platform Summary from February 25 to March 3, 2013. You can read again the last week blog post. Your comments are helpful.

Multi-GET for HTTP2

Phillip Hallam-Baker is wondering if a Multi-GET method would be useful for HTTP2 to access directly a list of contents. The format would be something along

MGET <Common Headers> List <URI, Content header>

So after a browser has emitted a first GET

GET /toplevel.html

It would then request a

MGET </image1.jpg /image2.jpg …>

Read the thread

Streams And Blobs in Webapps

Anne van Kestern has mentionned specific extensions to XMLHttpRequest by Mozilla.

  • moz-blob: for incremental reading
  • moz-chunked-text and moz-chunked-arraybuffer: for chunked reading.

Microsoft has also an extension for streaming. This becomes particulary useful in the case of a video stream. A discussion followed on what should be included in the XMLHttpRequest specification.

Test Cases for Web Messaging

Test cases are sometimes a very good way to learn a bit more about the code and the possible constructs. Microsoft has recently sent a batch of test cases for the Web Messaging API.

HTTP2, Encodings And Time

Threads sometimes take a strange direction. The HTTP Working Group was discussing about HTTP2 Encoding and the possibility to stick to UTF-8 only, when a secondary dicussion started about date format and to maybe make the switch to ISO8601 for date formats. Read the full thread.