Open Web Platform Weekly Summary – 2013-02-11 – 2013-02-18

Another release of the weekly Openweb Platform Summary from February 11 to 18, 2013. This is a short one. You can read again last week version. Your comments are helpful.

CSS Custom Filters and CSS Shaders in SVG WG

CSS has a draft specification on how to apply effects to an element before rendering it. It allows for custom filters effects which is basically an extension point. The SVG Working Group sent an email asking if it would be possible to reserve webgl as a keyword for CSS Shaders (see also the SVG WG minutes). Tab Atkins recommended to use the following syntax:

@support (filter-type(webgl)) {
 @filter curl { ... }

James Robinson noted that supporting WebGL and CSS shaders were different and suggested to use another keyword, which is ok with the SVG Working Group.

Mouse Events Soon To Be UI Events?

Anne van Kesteren (Mozilla) is proposing to move all MouseEvent into the UI Events specification.

Proposal to add getClientRect method to CaretPosition

Scott Johnson (Mozilla) is proposing to add a new method, getClientRect(), to the CaretPosition interface (Editor’s draft) for tracking changes to caret positions across reflows. During editing for example in a text area, the document layout might be changed which will require to place the caret at a new position. This new method would help.

CSS Fonts and case matching

A new draft has been published for CSS Font with a nice addition. No need to worry anymore if the fonts have been written with the appropriate uppercase letter or not. It is now case insensitive. If you write everything lowercase, it should still be working. See the other changes.

Privacy, a document in need of love

The W3C tag doesn’t have the resources to tackle the note on Patterns for Privacy by Design in Javascript APIs. So if you are interesting by actively maintaining that document, it is time for you to join the Privacy Interest Group (open to the public).

CSS Parser, from state machine to recursive-descent

Tab Atkins has rewritten the algorithm for parsing CSS from a state machine one to a recursive-descent one.