Tencent is the Exclusive Host for TPAC2013

Today we announced that W3C will organize TPAC2013 in Shenzhen, China! This is a first in many regards for W3C; first TPAC in China and first time we’ve had a member step up to be the exclusive Host of a TPAC!

I had the privilege of working with the Tencent team on 24-25 January to iron out all of the details. TPAC is a unique event in the industry, at least I don’t know of another like it that I’ve encountered in my 30 years in the IT space. It took some very thoughtful conversation on both parties parts to get it done, and I would like to thank HuoTao (Hugo) Wang and his team for all the hard work.

Having visited Shenzhen twice in the past year, I think you will find it a very exciting place to visit. The city is not that old, it was a fishing village a mere 30 years ago. It is a thriving metropolis with many things to do so you may want to plan an extra day or two to enjoy the area.