Chinese Developers endeavor to get more involved in the community – Test The Web Forward hackathon in China

W3C China Office and Adobe co-organized the Test The Web Forward event on Oct 20-21, 2012 in Beijing. The intention of this hackathon was to help more Chinese developers to get involved in contributing to the web platform. Three W3C specifications including CSS Flexible Box, CSSOM View, and CSS3 Backgrounds and Borders were targeted during this event. 17 experts from W3C, Adobe, Google, Intel, Mozilla, Opera, UCWeb, Tencent, Baidu, Taobao, Qihoo360, Maxthon, and Huawei were there to help the attendee to get acquainted with how to Read a W3C Spec, how to Write a W3C Reftest and how to File a Good Bug Report. Over 260 developers from about 160 organizations registered for this event. 119 test cases (hard: 1, normal: 9, easy: 109) were submitted and 12 browser bugs were filed as the results of the test hackathon. Positive feedbacks have been gained from local developer communities and the industry. And the enthusiasm to continue the efforts of Test The Web Forward event next year in China is under discussion and more local industry volunteers to participate and contribute.

Details about the browser bugs that have been filed druing the event:

  • Firefox Bug 803950 – matchMedia addListener event cannot be triggered every time by width be change over the condition.
  • Not yet logged into bug system] Opera alpha channel bug
CSS3 Backgrounds and Borders
  • WebKit Bug 99922 – border-image doesn’t honor broder-style
  • WebKit Bug 99926 – Should show complete tiles when set ‘border-image-repeat’ as round
  • WebKit Bug 99927 – transform3d conflict with background animation
  • WebKit Bug 99928 – [CSS] shadow from radius has wrong render in webkit
  • Firefox Bug 803947 – replaced element set border-radius will contents overflow.
  • [Not yet logged into bug system] IE Bug: When IE9 table’s border is set to collapse, border-radius is not ignored.
CSS Flexible Box
  • WebKit Bug 99923 – margin-top/bottom has no effect for child nodes of flex items
  • WebKit Bug 99924 – WebKit does not support ‘flex-wrap: nowrap’
  • WebKit Bug 99925 – Setting width of a flexitem causes the adjacent flex item to be displayed poorly.
  • [Not yet logged into bug system] Bug: Flexible Box Override child display property and set them to display:block