Events on interoperability for mobile Web, Paris May 29-31

As Mobile Web Initiative Activity Lead, and through my involvement in the European MobiWebApp project, I spent a lot of my time looking at what it takes to make the Web on mobile a strong platform for developing new applications and services.

The Web promises an interoperable platform across devices and operating systems; meanwhile, a regular issue that most Web developers face when targeting mobile devices is that support for a given set of features varies a lot from one device to another. The W3C CoreMob Community Group tries to reduce that difficulty by defining set of Web technologies that developers expect to find on mobile devices.

Three weeks from now, a series of event in Paris organized by the European Mosquito project in collaboration with MobiWebApp will bring its own contributions to the topic.

First, on May 29th, a single-day workshop will offer the perspectives of a variety of players on the current fragmentation challenges of the mobile Web, see what solutions are under consideration and possibly identify issues that need further attention.

Then, on May 30th and 31st, we will gather interested Web developers to explain the potential of HTML5 on mobile through a half-day training, followed by a day and a half of interoperability testing: with more than 40 mobile devices available, both old and recent, developers will be asked to test their applications and services on mobile devices, and identify the main interoperability issues they encounter in the process.

Registration is free, but the number of seats is limited, so register on-line as soon as possible!