Learn how to Write Great Web Applications for Mobile!

Over the past few years, the availability of Open Web Platform technologies on mobile devices has done nothing but grow, to the point where it has become not only possible but in fact increasingly common to write full-fledged applications using Web technology.

In the same manner that integrating mobile-specific constraints and advantages into one’s Web workflow required understanding a number of best practices, writing Web applications in a mobile context has its specificities that need to be understood.

It was therefore logical that after the resounding success of our W3C online training course series on “Mobile Web 1: Best Practices” we would follow with “Mobile Web 2: Applications“.

Over an eight week time span, starting 12 March, this brand new course covers everything from the basics of creating a Web application that runs on mobile devices all the way to packaging it up for distribution. In the process, it looks at novel CSS properties, HTML5 elements, powerful Javascript APIs and libraries, and covers all the important aspects of mobile Web application development.

“Mobile Web 2: Applications” will be taught by Robin Berjon, chair of the W3C Device APIs Working Group and recently elected as a TAG member.

Read the detailed “Mobile Web 2: Applications” course description and register quickly. The early bird price lasts until March 01, be sure to jump on it while it lasts!

In summary:

Mobile Web Apps course banner

And if you happen to be at the Mobile World Congress 2012 next week, meet us at the W3C booth (Hall2, 2A31). My colleagues and I will be happy to tell you more about W3DevCampus and its W3C mobile Web online training courses.

3 thoughts on “Learn how to Write Great Web Applications for Mobile!

  1. Sounds interesting! Will give it 2-3 more days to think about this so if i decide to enter => i will use early bird rate… =D

  2. The course looks cool BTW. I may like to purchase it.

    I just wanted to share a thought that answers to a question : What if world wide web was not there? and the answer is, I could not find such an awesome course that will cover new technologies as well.

    When I was in computer engineering, we used to develop small but interesting programs for Black and white mobile phones using Nokia’s web tool kit and in wml. I hope this course contain some of the parts from wml too. :)

    Waiting for March for this course.

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