Web and TV IG note on Home Networking Scenarios published

The Web and TV Interest Group has just published his first group note document: “Requirements for Home Networking Scenarios”.

This document is a collective work of the members of the Home Network TF of the IG and lists the design goals and requirements that potential W3C recommendations should support in order to enable access to services and content provided by home network devices, including the discovery and playback of content available to those devices, both from services such as traditional broadcast media and internet based services but also from the other services running on another home network device.
This input document as been submitted to the Device APIs and Policies Working Group (as previously mentioned on this blog) and to the new Web Intents group.

About the Web&TV IG

Launched in February 2011, the Web and TV Interest Group is a forum for Web and TV technical discussions, aimed to review existing services and technologies as well as new scenarios and identify gaps in the web platform that would prevent these services to be deployed in an effective and interoperable way across devices.

Gaps analysis is the first, yet important, step in creating new standards. The IG Task Forces are in charge of reviewing use cases from the TV community and bringing the identified (potential) gaps as input to one or more W3C Working Groups. TF members follow-up the discussion in the WGs and make sure that the identified use cases are accepted and addressed by WGs (or brought back to the IG for refinement, if needed).

The Web&TV IG is a pretty young group but it grew quite a lot in the last months, reaching 123 participants from 44 organizations. At the moment there is another TF actively discussing the impact of requirements posed by media formats commonly used by TV services on the HTML5 media interfaces.

The IG chairs are planning to start few new activities. More news soon on this blog and on the IG home page