Reshaping how governments publish information

Governments worldwide expend significant resources to gather, curate and in many cases publish open government content.  However, with the ever growing amount of digital content, if that information is not easily accessible nor readily re-usable, it might as well not exist.

Learn more about how the growing number of published Linked Open Data sets, describing media, publishing, life sciences, geography and increasingly, open government content are “cooperating without coordination”.  The same fundamental mechanism that allowed the World Wide Web to flourish, the URL, is the simple yet powerful mechanism that is disrupting how governments publish and share data on the Web.

Join us on 20-October-2011 from 16:00-20:00 CET at the Government Linked Data Workshop to be conducted in Warsaw Poland. A panel of Linked Data thought leaders will discuss concrete examples of how the Linked Open Data Cloud is changing our interactions with local, state and national governments.  Hear more about what government representatives, policy makers, lawyers, developers, academics and research scientists need and are actively doing today.

Together, we’ll discuss the status and best practices for linking open government data, drawing upon pioneering data-driven projects that are live today.  The workshop and panel discussion are organised by the LOD2 project& and the W3C Government Linked Data working group.

About Bernadette Hyland

Co-founder of 3 Round Stones, dedicated to the promulgation of Linked Open Data strategies, an Open Government data advocate, co-chair of the W3C Government Linked Data working group