Open Web Platform Weekly Summary – 2011-04-18 – 2011-04-24

Our weekly summary of the Open Web Platform. Details from HTML5 and broader topics such as Web apps discussions and HTTP. This was quite a quiet week for the 8th edition at the exception of the CSS Working Group which I could not follow properly. Feel free to chime in the comments to add information about CSS or other groups.

HTML Working Group Decisions

There was no new decision taken this week. Though the decision on ISSUE-31 from last week is still being discussed. The discussions revolves around the community practices and framweworks with regards the alt attribute.



  • Sean Hayes (Microsoft) proposes to make <track> an element containing a <source> element to enable multi-tracks, which he withdrew later on because of the decision of the media subgroup coming with a different proposal.
  • Dominique HazaĆ«l-Massieux (W3C) proposed a new approach to HTML Media Capture. Aryeh Gregor explains some use cases.
  • Israel Hilerio (Microsoft) proposed a change to the Sync API


Hot Topics

This column is written by Karl Dubost, working in the Developer Relations & Tools at Opera Software.