Discovery and the Web of Things

W3C is part of the EU research project webinos, and an early deliverable is a demo for how to enable web page scripts to discover local devices and services via the local area network, Bluetooth and USB. The demo involves a JavaScript object that allows you to invoke a variety of discovery services (multicast DNS, SSDP, SLP, Bluetooth and USB). These call back to methods on the object with information on each device/service they discover.

Discovery is the first step in enabling web applications that span all kinds of devices. This is the Web of Things in which web technologies provide a simplifying overlay network model that hides unnecessary details of interconnect protocols and intervening firewalls/NATs. We are now working on extending the demo to automatically identify, locate and install the drivers for a requested service, subject of course to user approval. The demo is available as open source under the Apache2 license, but is currently limited to Linux based systems.

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  1. cool. this would be nice to verify a hardware printer and also a extra monitor to display photo`s or a two page layout.

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