HTML5 in W3C Cheatsheet

From the very first release of the cheatsheet, I’ve received requests to include the various new elements and attributes of the HTML5 specification in the cheatsheet. As a reminder, the cheatsheet is a mobile-friendly Web application that provides a compilation of useful knowledge extracted from W3C specifications

At long last, I’ve finally managed to integrate these new elements in the latest release of the cheatsheet, where you will now find all the new, changed, obsolete and removed elements and attributes in HTML5 highlighted:

Screenshot of video element in autocomplete listScreenshot of details on video element

All the data are extracted from HTML: The Markup Language Reference, the specification maintained by Mike Smith that describes the markup aspects of HTML5.

As always, this comes with a number of bug fixes, UI improvements (thanks to Sorin Stefan), and this release is both available in the Web version and in the Android application.

QR Code for cheatsheet on the Android market
QR Code for cheatsheet on the Android market

Obviously, I’m expecting to now get requests for another spec “du jour” (CSS3 anyone?), which clearly is in my roadmap — but as always, I’m very much interested in getting others to contribute to the work.

Feedback, comments and suggestions are very much appreciated!

10 thoughts on “HTML5 in W3C Cheatsheet

  1. Hi,
    first of all i would like to say thanx for this app. but i thought that that’s app is very profesional and there is no example or sample codes. maybe other version, you will able to add some sample codes about the tags.

  2. I’ve noticed that the drop-down menu in the search tab won’t work in the Firefox trunk builds, Minefield. Is this a bug in Minefield, or is this to do with the UA string?

  3. @Josh I’ll look into it, thanks for the report.

    (it’s pretty likely a bug in the cheatsheet rather than in Minefield)

  4. Hey,

    It would be really great if we can have example and full description about a particular tag or element in the same page. Otherwise nice tool. :)


  5. @Alexis The data for SVG is currently for SVG Tiny 1.2; the x and y attributes are only available on the SVG element in SVG Full 1.1.

    (adding support for SVG 1.1 is on my todo list, though)

  6. Hi, the application is very useful. Thanks a lot. Is there a possibility, getting more applications in the future?

    Best regards,

    Ramona Schittenhelm

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