HTML5 Meetup – Paris

For those of you who will be in Paris, France on April 7, Daniel Glazman, Dominique HazaĆ«l-Massieux and I will be giving presentations about the next Open Web platform and Web applications (incl. widgets). So, if you weren’t able to attend our meetup in Boston, you’ll get an other chance in Paris.

This event is public and free so everyone is welcome to come, but please register on the event registration page. We’ll start at 7pm and stops when the coffee and other beverages of your choice run out.

Note: C’est complet!. the attendance has reached the capacity of the room within 24 hours.

We’re looking forward to see you there and, again, have fun with Web technologies.

4 thoughts on “HTML5 Meetup – Paris

  1. You need to do these meetings via the Web.
    W3C should do a core HTML5 implementation and create the rest as supplements. This will speed-up the usage of HTML5 and XHTML5.

  2. Philippe,

    What is the most appropriate way to post a suggestion on HTML markups? Following http://www.w3.org/2010/04/w3c-track.html, your blog looks the quickest way to leave a message.

    I have looked at the HTML5.0 at http://dev.w3.org/html5/markup/

    But I didn’t find the markup note in my mind.

    The use case is this:
    There are blogs on books, movies, music CDs, paintings etc. If the blogs are formatted, then the search engines like Google would find them and aggregate them.

    Has it been a feature realized in HTML5?

    Basically, I wouldn’t afford to join the meetings.

    Sorry for being out of place to discuss HTML5 here.


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