W3C Chairs angels

Some of you are familiar with the W3C Chairs angels, three home-made bots living in IRC, that are truly essential to the W3C Working Groups conducting their work on the phone:

  • Trackbot, the toolbox, is the bot for creating and tracking issues and action items during meetings.
  • Zakim, the phone, is the bot connecting people on phone, controlling the agenda of meetings, and managing the questions and queue.
  • RRSAgent, the tape recorder, is recording the IRC log and help to create minutes of meetings.

Back in 2008, Karl Dubost crafted an image of our robots and put it on a tee-shirt that we handed out to the W3C groups Chairs, at TPAC2008, as a gift, to acknowledge their terrific work.

The “W3C Bots” image is now available! It comes in different flavours (graffle, SVG, PNG, and EPS) which are available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States license.

People who read French can follow the story of the W3C Bots on Karl’s blog entry “La naissance des bots du W3C“, others can simply look at the pretty photos. Here are draft three and the final version:

draft 3 of the W3C bots, Karl Dubost

W3C Bots, final version, Karl Dubost