W3C Site Bugs!

We’ve received a number of helpful bug reports about the new site. I thought I should list a few here so that we can refer to them. We are working to have these particularly tricky ones fixed as quickly as possible.

  • In IE, if you select mobile or print modes, you can’t get back to desktop mode.
  • In Safari, even if you select “desktop” mode you get mobile mode at narrow browser widths. Also, if you select “mobile” mode you get a mix of mobile and desktop at wider browser window widths.
  • In some browsers, you can’t expand the expandable content sections; they snap back shut.

We are working on these fixes. I also welcome fix suggestions from the community. Thanks again to those who have sent comments to site-comments@w3.org

18 thoughts on “W3C Site Bugs!

  1. Just an fyi – When I clicked on “mobile” to switch from “desktop” to “mobile” display I was unable to easily switch back to “desktop”. I had to delete the cookie. It’s easy to switch back between “print” and “desktop” because the navigation isn’t lost.

    OS: Mac OSX
    Browser: Safari
    Version: 3.1.2 (5525.20.1)

  2. Do the editors of the published docs need to fix up anything? I checked the reformatted SPARQL 1.0 spec. If there is anything I should do to fix it up, please let me know.

    • It has some problems with whitespace around <pre>, <code> and <blockquote>.
    • Most tables now have no borders
    • Background colors have gone.
    • The function definitions in sec 11 have suffered quite badly e.g. example
    • Printing from desktop view: Inconsistent – I’ve had from 3 to 110 pages

    Browsers tried: Firefox and Chrome on MS Vista.

  3. The bug where one cannot switch back from print mode in Internet Explorer has been worked around now.

  4. Andy, we’re rolling back the latest version URIs to point to the previous (unformatted) specs. Too many formatted issues currently.

    Formatting issues aside, we planned for editors to have to make no changes in order to publish TRs. But we are going to revisit this question after the site settles A bit.

  5. The site isn’t served as application/xhtml+xml!

    Add content negotiation naturally because IE STILL does not support XHTML, but all the other browsers have for years!

  6. in my opinion, where there is link on the desktop, should appear in the print version, print of link with the absolute address URL

  7. IE and Firefox print preview is not using the print stylesheet (or maybe it is but is different than the print style used by the style picker.)

  8. When atempting to access http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd, we receive a HTTP 503 (Server unavailable)

    We have attempted this from a few different networks, and receive the same response, so it’s certainly not a blocked IP.

    Unfortunatly it’s causing problems for several enterprise systems that expect to be able to download a DTD to validate a message. This problem only arose a few days ago.

    I doubt we are the only ones using systems such as Microsoft Biztalk that do validation on every message.

    1. Hi Jaeger,

      This issue is unrelated to the site redesign. It is more likely a case of excessive traffic to W3C created by a tool that you are using that does not properly cache DTDs and therefore is creating substantial and unnecessary traffice at w3.org. Here is more information on this issue: http://www.w3.org/Help/Webmaster.html#block


  9. I was surprised to see that the site holds up REALLY well in Chrome as well! As of late I’m learning more and more about the importance of following W3C standards, not just from a cross-browser compatibility standpoint, but from a pur marketing standpoint as well!

    As a Search Engine Optimization expert, I often look for every last tweak I can find to insure my sites – and those of my clients – enjoy a good ranking on the big 3 engines.

    Recently i’ve read a lot of great info on the importance of proper HTTP header returns, W3C compliancy and table-less design. You can bet I’ll be checking back here often to “Sharpen my sword”.

    Wisconsin Search Engine Optimization Specialist

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