W3C team at SemTech

Some of us on the team had a pretty busy last week: indeed, Karen Myers, Sandro Hawke, Dave Raggett, Eric Prud’hommeaux, Ralph Swick, and I were at the Semantic Technologies 2009 conference in San Jose. Dave (together with Dianne Mueller from JustSystems) gave a presentation on XBRL and the Semantic Web, Eric gave a tutorial (together with Lee Feigenbaum, from Cambridge Semantics) on SPARQL, and I also gave an introductory SW tutorial and a presentation. And, of course, we all had hallway discussions, meetings, interviews… more than I even remember right now. A number of W3C members were also represented either as presenters or at their booth at the exhibition (or both). More than 1200 people in San Jose in spite of the economic malaise… This is pretty good!

I published a blog entry on right before my journey back to Europe (and an addendum because I forgot something in the original blog entry…) with much more details. If you are interested in more detailed impressions on the conference, you can read it there. Suffices it to say: it was a great week!