SPARQL working group – call for suggested features

The SPARQL Working Group has started up and is beginning its work by gathering potential features to extend the SPARQL language, protocol, results format, and/or general SPARQL landscape.

We invite all members of the community to suggest features/extensions to SPARQL that you find most important. To contribute, please do the following:

  1. Check the list of existing feature suggestions to make sure your suggestion has not already been recorded.
  2. Send email to public-rdf-dawg-comments@w3.org with your suggestion, including this information:
    • A description of the feature
    • An example of the feature in action (e.g. sample syntax, sample HTTP requests, sample XML documents, …)
    • Information on existing implementations of the feature
    • Motivating use cases for the feature (i.e. why do you find it important?)

Please note that due to time and resource constraints, the SPARQL Working Group expects to accept for further work only a small fraction of the total number of features considered. The Working Group does not expect to respond directly to all submitted feature suggestions.

The Working Group is pursuing an aggressive schedule. Please submit suggestions by Tuesday, March 10, 2009.