From Iran, with love

Season greetings are slightly in advance! And what a lovely surprise!

I received a big envelope from Iran, containing 66 letters printed on glossy paper for each of the people of W3C.

The letter bears a message of acknowledgment of our work and good wishes for the coming year. It is written in English, in Kurdish and in Farsi.

The sender belongs to the community of the W3C translators, within which his team and himself have been quite active for over a year now.

Their credo is quite in alignment with our mission ; “try to promote the purposes of world wide web consortium and to help to develop the web standards as much as we can”.

The translators do a wonderful job. The working language of the W3C is US English.The W3C tries to reach as many people and organizations around the world as possible, and we do that with the help of the translators.

As of now, the Translations database contains 1172 translations in 49 languages. This includes 416 translations of W3C Recommendations, and 756 translations of outreach materials, such as tutorials, group notes or articles. If you want to join the effort, you are welcome!

We received a letter of thank-you and I’m writing the story of it to give thanks in return, to the sender and the many volunteer translators, but also to the 700+ people who work in the groups of the W3C.