The network at W3C TPAC 2008

Vivien Lacourba

The W3C TPAC 2008 is happening in the south of France near the city of Cannes. The hotel is not close from any fiber optics, which gives certain challenges when you need to provide network for a lot of geeks with their computers working for one week on Web technologies. Vivien Lacourba, W3C staff, gave me a few details about the network.

Orange, the company providing the network, installed a router with 4 ADSL lines (1 Mbs uplink and 6 Mbs downlink each). There will be around 365 participants during the week, with an expected peak of 275 persons. The wifi should be accessible pretty much from everywhere on the conference site.

Let’s hope that everything will work well and without troubles. If you had troubles with the network during the meeting, contact Vivien Lacourba (see the photo). He will try to help you.