W3C Team Planet… or Galaxy

The W3C staff (or W3C Team) are the people employed by the W3C organization. I’m one of them. Some of us have blogs for quite a long time, personal or professional, or both.

The question of creating a public aggregation of W3C staff blogs has generated many discussions inside the Team. That’s normal. We are a group of persons, a community. When there is a new project, a community gives time for discussing individual opinions. Questions were diverse, surprising sometimes, but there are just the mirror of what we are: humans.

  • Is it good to have a blend of personal blogs?
  • Should it be archived?
  • Is there a risk to be taken as the voice of W3C?
  • What kind of disclaimers should be put on such a page?
  • Do I have the choice to be on it or not?
  • What should be the color of it?
  • Should the aggregated posts be only work related? Can we have personal items too?

That was a very interesting debate which is certainly not finished. We will have new people coming in the staff, others leaving, people might change their minds in the future. One important decision we made is to have an opt-in process. People from the W3C staff are free to join if they want and free to leave.

So here come the W3C Team blogs’ Galaxy and its atom feed.