CSS Validator gets an update

Last week, we gave the CSS Validator a well deserved update.

screenshot of the new CSS validator UI for language selection

This is one update we are rather proud of, with more than 50 bugs closed, a polished User Interface, and some changes to the core that will make checking of CSS stylesheets much easier and reliable. You can see a more detailed list of the changes in the announcement we made on the CSS validator’s mailing-list.

How come, however, that it took us more than a year to push this release through? More than a year since the last significant “Fuji” release? A large chunk of the code was ready by the end of summer ’07, but it did take us a few months to get all the changes translated into the many languages supported by the CSS validator (you may remember the calls for help sent to the translators forum or here on this blog) and make sure all the bug fixes were properly added to the validator’s test suite.

I am very hopeful that with our improved way of tracking and fostering translations, and with the growing interest and help in the tool’s development and translation (notably by opera software staff – thanks!) we can have a faster release cycle in the future. And that is fortunate, because there are some really nice changes brewing for this CSS validator: Yves and I will be blogging about the nitty-gritty-techie details of current work on the Systems Team blog, so watch that space too. And of course, as always when we start a new phase of development, now is a very good time to get involved, so if you want to hunt bugs, sharpen your java skills or help with translations, contact us.