SVG Valentine’s day

I have just spotted on a blog quite a cool comment.

Brad J. Murray says in Generating Graphics:

Postscript, however, is no longer my output format of choice. It’s just so bloody easy to crank out SVG (which has a remarkably legible standards document), and there’s great software to manipulate it and convert it after the fact.

and then concluded is blog post by (My emphasis)

So I also play some role-playing games. One of these has rules by which you can generate star systems. That’s a natural to code, so I did. Next, of course, you want to map those systems out. So I wrote some code to make maps. Naturally, the output of the first is the input to the second. The end result is pretty. I’m in love.

The graphical representation is indeed impressive and clean. It has been made with mapmaker, a perl program, which can generate SVG.

I guess it is Valentine’s day for Doug, the staff contact of SVG WG.