TPAC 2007 – W3C meets the Web community

Many W3C Working Groups are meeting from Monday 5 to Saturday 10 November 2007. It is a unique opportunity for the individual participating in these groups to coordinate, socialize, know each others better. Among the attendees will be engineers and experts participating in W3C activities, managers of W3C member companies, hackers and researchers, journalists and W3C staff. This is a chance to meet these people face to face and we all know how electronic communications are dry and lead to misunderstandings, while a simple smile solve many issues.

Wednesday, 7 November 2007 is a big day of conferences for the W3C Community to gather in one room and discuss technical topics of broad interest to the attendees, and of significant importance to past, present and future of the World Wide Web Consortium. Discussion during this Technical Plenary day will be considered Public. Slides will be publicly accessible.

Molly E. Holzschlag will moderate a session on real world perspective on the W3C. Another session will help to understand and clarify the status of HTML 5 and XHTML 2 and Daniel Glazman will certainly give us a series of duck quacks on Openess of W3C Working Groups. This one will certainly be entertaining. Philippe Le Hégaret will introduce the topic of Video On the Web. But there is more to come and I will share with you in the next few days.

People will also be able to follow live discussions on IRC. You are welcome to join channel #tp on irc.w3.org:6665.

As for me, well, I will blog during this week the discussions, small stories, moments of emotion, and the technical issues. Fire up your weblog, your cameras. Tag tpac and/or tpac2007 to blog, talk, share your impressions and comments. Stay tuned on this weblog in November 2007. Let the conversation start…

2 thoughts on “TPAC 2007 – W3C meets the Web community

  1. Thanks for the article about “TPAC 2007″…
    very Interesting and i think usefully for me. I´ve got a question: i want to know if my homepage are w3c – validated
    I cant validate it, i dont know why, but my IE7 and Firefox cant validate it…
    Please replay, why dont it works….

    Thanks from Germany

  2. Harun,

    your home page doesn’t validate because you are using a reserved character. The character & has to be escaped because it is used in HTML to defined entities like &eaute; defined with é So for you to use & you have to write in your source code &

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