HTML WG at XTech 2007.

There are a lot of things happening these days. The HTML WG has been relaunched in March with a very open and participative set. We are now a bit more than 400 members and still growing up.

There are discussions going on everywhere on mailing-lists and conference rooms, but also locally in cafes, corridors. This is a very important time for the Web where the discussion about the future of the Web has never been that open, and embracing so much diversity, and variety. It is a good time.

I, as HTML WG staff contact, attend the XTech Conference in Paris these days. You are welcome to contact me if you want to know more details about the HTML WG. Some members of the HTML WG will be at the conference, such Henri Sivonen, Anne Van Kesteren, Daniel Glazman, Charles McCathieNevile, etc. Join us in the discussion!

One thought on “HTML WG at XTech 2007.

  1. Is there any way to get a audio or video of this conference for our students?

    I am willing to pay someone who can provide our communications class with any sort of audio/video of this conference. We do not have the resources to be at the conference but want to learn from it just the same.

    Preston – http://www.adison.edu

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