Kind of Blue

It’s fashion season! The ubiquitous “valid” icons, present at the bottom of about half a trillion Web pages in their signature “gold” color, now also come in W3C-ish blue.

Valid HTML4.01 Valid XHTML10 Valid CSS

In addition to the usual two raster image formats (PNG and GIF), the icons are now also available as vector graphics (SVG and EPS).

The full list of “valid” icons can be browsed on the W3C QA website. Other W3C icons can be found in this larger icon listing.

13 thoughts on “Kind of Blue

  1. Love the new look would be even cooler if the webmaster could choose any color he or she wanted, for instance I would love pink and I bet who ever made the blue color was a man.

  2. Alice and Joost de Valk, try if the SVG version works for you:

    Alice: You can change the colors with a plain text editor even (SVG is sometimes called “the HTML of graphics”).

    Joost de Valk: As SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics, you can easily scale it.

    disclaimer: I’m only talking technology here, i don’t know if W3C likes or even allows what i just suggested (I hope someone explains in the comments here).

  3. Joost: for now we’ll stick to the “usual” 88×31 pixel format, but we may add a series at 90×15 in the future.

    Helen: the WAI icons are available in blue too, just add -blue to the URI in the same fashion as for the validation ones.

  4. Am I the only one who thinks a colour changing version would be interesting?

  5. Why are not the blue icons of the Level A/AA/AAA Conformance to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0?

  6. Are there rules governing when to use the gold, and when to use the blue, or are they one-in-the-same and just for looks?

  7. There are so many alternative icon sets for W3C validation buttons in the internet, and I wonder if there is an aggregated resource that list them? Sometimes I need smaller w3c images and should spend some time to find something that suits me.

    By reading the Logo Usage Policies I see that “Yes, you may link to the W3C site with images that are not derived from the W3C logo.”, so I’m assured I can use any image I want, that’s good.

    Accidentally I found that people are already using text+css version of the buttons, I really like this approach. Have a look here: http://www.sovavsiti.cz/css/w3c_buttons.html

    Regarding “I saw the “valid” icon displayed on a site but the page is invalid. What should I do?”, I suggest reading about the jQuery W3C Plugin, it automatically validates the page and display the W3C icon only if the page passes validation.

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