Unicorn Sighting (public preview)

A clear, simple, concise and complete assessment of the quality of a web page. Being able to get results of validation of HTML, checking of the style sheets, finding broken links, and more, much more, without having to visit ten different pages and services. That would be a rare sight, but it’s not a fantasy. We give you: The unicorn (public preview)

Unicorn in a Nutshell

The Unicorn’s documentation defines the project as [an attempt] to create a “universal validator” that will be able to validate and check multiple things in a document through a single Web interface. . Think of it an aggregator of observations made by a number of different tools. Observations from different checkers are nicely gathered for the user to get the big picture about the quality of a Web page.

From there on, everything is possible. The project is still young, and we’re already working on even better usability, localization, and more, more features.

But for now, we would like you to start playing with the tool, and tell us your thoughts.

We want YOU! to give us some feedback

If you want to help us develop the tool, the easiest thing you can do is start playing with our public demo of unicorn, and find out what is right, what is wrong, what is working and what is broken.

In order to do that, we have set up:

And if you like what you see, join the editors of this QA Weblog in congratulating Damien Leroy and Jean-Guilhem Rouel, the main developers of the tool, as well all the people who have helped, advised, encouraged this project since its birth.

Want to hack, too?

Be our guests. The tool, of course, is open source, written in Java. Your patches are welcome, and if you want to join the project and develop new cool features, now is a good time, the project is still young, fresh (and innocent).

4 thoughts on “Unicorn Sighting (public preview)

  1. I want to believe. In unicorns. I’m looking forward to watching this tool develop, and I applaud the W3C QA team for creating a project to fill the need for a one-stop validator.

    If we can make validation a push button process, then there will be more valid code.

    My number one feature request is a means either to recursively validate an entire site, or achieve the same by validating a list of links.

  2. If the web site application uses technology like ajax which gets the dyanamic values then unicorn is giving wrong results

  3. Somehow missed the announcement, just ran into it buried in my aggregator. Great stuff!

    Couple of feature requests:

    • support for multiple representations (conneg) – I’ve got html + rdf/xml, I bet there are plenty with things like html + wml

    • autodiscovery and validation of feeds, FOAF profiles etc.

    • Jena EyeBall and/or Schemarama2 hooked up to do sanity-checking of RDF docs

    • combination of the above – checking of microformats etc, including GRDDLed results

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