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Use Cases/Annotating CSV Data

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A user would like to make a comment about a particular row, column or set of cells in a CSV file that has been published on the Web. The comment could be a simple textual description, that is attributed to a particular user, at a particular time.


  1. Sue has downloaded a CSV for use in her own statistical analysis tool. She has generated a new column of averages and wants to republish the CSV on the Web, with a comment about how this column was calculated, so that the original publisher can determine what has changed and why.
  2. Travis and Jen are collaboratively editing a spreadsheet in a Web application. Jen has a question for Travis about some of the data he entered on a particular row. She highlights the row, and attaches her question. Travis can see this annotation on the Web page, and when he downloads the CSV he also gets a metadata file that describes these changes, which he can use in his own spreadsheet application.

Contributed by Ed Summers