Ted Nelson and Xanadu

Ted Nelson originally invented the word "hypertext" for "non-sequential writing". His long-standing interest in all things related to HT became the Xanadu project. The Xanadu Operating Company was owned for a while by Autodesk, but later dropped. (Not clear in 1993 what is going to happen there)

He describes himself, his colleagues, his philosophy and his project in "Literary Machines" which is an attempt to put his hypertext thoughts onto paper. He publishes it himself (I have a copy of LM 90.1 -TBL). This is essential reading as background, enthusiathm and ideas on hypertext. (It includes also the text of Vannevar Bush's "As we may think". This is an article published in 1945 which suggests that an automated "MEMEX" (memory extension) would allow human memory to be augmented by mechanical means.) Xanadu has many interesting concepts: for example, Nelson has tackled the problem of generating unique names for new documents such that they can be found, and the Xanadu project will aim to attribute royalties to the author of a work whenever it is retrieved across the network. Ted also publishes a video of himself explaining his ideas. T.H.Nelson, Mindful Press 3020 Brudgeway Suite 295, Sausolito CA 94965, phone 415/331-442.