EsXML Evaluation

This table evaluates the esXML format with respect to the XML Binary Characterization Properties identified by the XML Binary Characterization Working Group.

Property esXML esXML - no Storage Layer Notes
MUST support
Directly Readable and Writable Yes Yes Multiple modes, all directly readable / writable.
Transport Independence Yes Yes Storage Layer adds built-in framing for extra capability.
Compactness Yes Yes Multiple strategies and methods for compact encoding and compression.
Human Language Neutral Yes Yes Supports standard character set encodings.
Platform Neutrality Yes Yes Structure is neutral, optional native type instances are "reader makes right" with defined set.
Integratable into XML Stack Yes Yes Can be accessed using SAX, DOM, or esDOM at least.
Royalty Free Yes Yes Format is free, open source example implementations.
Fragmentable Yes Yes Instances can be fragments; Storage Layer supports full low level deltas.
Streamable Yes Yes Depth first, tables up front, high and low level deltas, and especially Continuations.
Roundtrip Support Yes Yes Supports tunable levels of fidelity. Represents all content in XML.
Generality Yes Yes 20 or near 20, more finalization and testing pending.
Schema Extensions and Deviations Yes Yes Self describing mode is always available.
Format Version Identifier Yes Yes Standard.
Content Type Management Yes Yes Standard method suggested.
Self Contained Yes Yes Self-contained, self-describing mode with optional self-contained subtrees.
MUST NOT Prevent
Processing Efficiency Does Not Prevent Does Not Prevent Supports incremental access / creation, random access, avoids copies and conversions.
Small Footprint Does Not Prevent Does Not Prevent Believed to be true, tested soon.
Widespread Adoption Does Not Prevent Does Not Prevent Believed to become true.
Space Efficiency Does Not Prevent Does Not Prevent True by design inspection, test data soon.
Implementation Cost Does Not Prevent Does Not Prevent Verified by implementation
Forward Compatibility Does Not Prevent Does Not Prevent No obstacles.