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Unit Description

Client-side semantic alignment between SSN and WoT TD using HyLAR
  • Name: Client-side semantic interoperability for the WoT
  • Picture: HyLAR-client-side interface.PNG
  • Logo:
  • Hardware: None
  • Software: HyLAR reasoner (client-side version generated with Bower), full JS
  • WoT functions:
    • Role: Client only, connects to any server exposing WoT semantic descriptions and reasons about those
    • Protocols: HTTP
    • Encodings: TTL, JSON-LD...
    • Discovery: N/A
    • Application logic: Client-side reasoning to achieve semantic interoperability among WoT ontologies
  • We will demonstrate in a simple use case how to build a simple client that aligns ontologies (such as the new SSN version) with WoT TD, reasons about datasets and queries data in a different vocabulary (WoT) than that of the original data. We will use standard SSN examples and use the client-side version of the HyLAR reasoner. The full demo code (with readme) is available here.