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ACTION-37 (edit) open Present sample scenario description with common finding and non functional aspects Soumya Kanti Datta 2016-06-10 Deliverables
ACTION-40 (edit) open AP+DI: client interface for discovery (local, physical) Soumya Kanti Datta 2016-06-10 PlugFest
ACTION-41 (edit) open Type System (complex types, restrictions) Daniel Peintner 2016-06-10 PlugFest
ACTION-45 (edit) open One-sliders for Managers and Developers Dave Raggett 2016-05-11 Communication
ACTION-46 (edit) open WoT Implementations Wiki Page Daniel Peintner 2016-05-11 Communication
ACTION-47 (edit) open Work with daniel on strategy for messages for managers and developers by june 11 Dave Raggett 2016-05-11
ACTION-50 (edit) open Me to contact editors to provide a release date incl. a 1-week cfc Johannes Hund 2016-05-18
ACTION-51 (edit) open Dape to go through the minutes of montreal f2f to see if the raised issues are vetted Daniel Peintner 2016-05-18
ACTION-55 (edit) open Send a message to the ig and suggest we should see architecture proposals by other sdos (possibly for the tech landscape) Dave Raggett 2016-05-24
ACTION-56 (edit) open Send a message to the iso contact (yaeseul angela park) about their request Dave Raggett 2016-05-24
ACTION-57 (edit) open Contact the systream re problems with forwarding emails to the wot ig archive Dave Raggett 2016-05-24
ACTION-58 (edit) open Talk with the automotive wg about the possible automotive demo with wot during tpac 2016 in lisbon Kazuyuki Ashimura 2016-05-27
ACTION-59 (edit) open Email the ig list to ask people to contact their ac reps to respond to the ig charter ac review Joerg Heuer 2016-06-29
ACTION-63 (edit) open Review the latest draft flyers and put comments on the wiki, and send the links and comments out to the ml Daniel Peintner 2016-07-07 Communication
ACTION-65 (edit) open update the outreach target list and distribute it Kazuyuki Ashimura 2016-07-07 Communication
ACTION-68 (edit) open Check if the wot ig can get a breakout session including plugfest demo on wednesday Kazuyuki Ashimura 2016-07-20
ACTION-69 (edit) open Invite scott jenson to the wot ig call Joerg Heuer 2016-07-21
ACTION-70 (edit) open Siemens to reach out to scott jensen and invite him to a webconf call Osamu Nakamura 2016-07-21
ACTION-71 (edit) open Check directly with the implementers and see who have participated in the plugfests so far Daniel Peintner 2016-07-21
ACTION-72 (edit) open Ask kajimoto-san about his plan for the arch doc publication Kazuyuki Ashimura 2016-08-10
ACTION-73 (edit) open Talk with the group chairs/team contacts about joint meetings during tpac for automotive, das, mmi and tv(web&tv/tv control) Kazuyuki Ashimura 2016-08-17
ACTION-74 (edit) open Ask the meeting planner team about the roll-up poster frames Kazuyuki Ashimura 2016-08-24
ACTION-75 (edit) open Provide the svg version of the roll-up poster template Daniel Peintner 2016-08-24
ACTION-76 (edit) open Talk with the meeting planner team and jeff about the wot speech (maybe on wed) Kazuyuki Ashimura 2016-09-21
ACTION-77 (edit) open Create an issue: properties, actions, events can be saved in the td repository separately as templates. a td can be created based on a concrete set of them and instantiate with a concrete uri. in this settings, the current proposal with href makes sense. Anicic Darko 2016-10-12
ACTION-79 (edit) open Prepare and announce kick-off for scripting Johannes Hund 2016-10-12
ACTION-80 (edit) open Is going to push the security topic forward Michael McCool 2016-10-12
ACTION-81 (edit) open Me to create an issue to cover scoping for specification of the apis Johannes Hund 2016-12-05
ACTION-82 (edit) open Set up a questionnaire for santa clara f2f Kazuyuki Ashimura 2016-12-28
ACTION-83 (edit) open Send out a reminder to the wg co-chairs about the planning call and the wg page Kazuyuki Ashimura 2016-12-28
ACTION-84 (edit) open Talk with the w3c liaison team about the onem2m liaison and send the liaison letter to the group (also talk with the ig/wg co-chairs about how to manage the liaison history) Kazuyuki Ashimura 2016-12-28
ACTION-85 (edit) open Do an initial clean up of the pages Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-01-18
ACTION-86 (edit) open Add question about affiliation to registration questionnaire Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-01-25
ACTION-87 (edit) open Add ocf liaison charter to github as a pull request Michael McCool 2017-01-25
ACTION-88 (edit) open Ask cindy and/or ryan to look into a suitable hotel for a social dinner on monday, aim for 2/3 of attendees Michael McCool 2017-01-25
ACTION-89 (edit) open Ask cindy if she can help organize badges Michael McCool 2017-01-25
ACTION-90 (edit) open Look into amazon Michael McCool 2017-01-25
ACTION-91 (edit) open Also look into amazon Dave Raggett 2017-01-25
ACTION-92 (edit) open Look through list of w3c members Dave Raggett 2017-01-25
ACTION-93 (edit) open Talk to some people from openfog Michael McCool 2017-01-25
ACTION-94 (edit) open Talk to iic and opc Dave Raggett 2017-01-25
ACTION-95 (edit) open Talk to zoltan about what he's bringing Michael McCool 2017-01-25
ACTION-96 (edit) open Do a call for consensus: propose that we *don't* publish the beijing version, but will publish this (santa clara) version Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-01-25
ACTION-97 (edit) open Maintain agenda items for communication at end of ig plenary agenda Yingying Chen 2017-01-25
ACTION-98 (edit) open Provide a pullrequest for semantic types in exposedthing Johannes Hund 2017-01-30
ACTION-99 (edit) open Provide a template/strawman list of open issues Zoltan Kis 2017-01-30
ACTION-100 (edit) open Allocate another webex for the breakout session Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-02-14
ACTION-101 (edit) open Generate wiki/registration site for the ohsaka meeting, and set up local organizing meeting including the host and the co-chairs Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-02-22
ACTION-102 (edit) open Generate a doodle for the ocf tf again Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-04-18
ACTION-103 (edit) open Generate a doodle for the security tf Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-04-18
ACTION-104 (edit) open Create an issue about two-way approach: device dependent and non-depend path Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-05-12
ACTION-105 (edit) open Talk with the w3c comm team about the landing page Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-05-26
ACTION-106 (edit) open Talk with w3c team experts about ns versioning for non-xml specs Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-06-02
ACTION-107 (edit) open Send a reminder on plugfest to the plugfest participants (to clarify their need for table, etc.) Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-07-12
ACTION-108 (edit) open Talk with marcomm/busdev teams about the expected joint calls Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-07-20
ACTION-109 (edit) open Talk with mtgplanner about wot demo on wed, nov. 8 Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-07-20
ACTION-110 (edit) open Generate table of deliverable status to manage the progress Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-07-20
ACTION-111 (edit) open Generate a doodle for the chairs/editors call to see the updated publication plan Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-07-20
ACTION-112 (edit) open Create a github repo for the security tf Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-07-20
ACTION-113 (edit) open Ask keio and beihang about possible wot meeting in asia in spring or summer Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-07-20
ACTION-114 (edit) open Ask the w3c meeting planner team about demo on wednesday Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-08-23
ACTION-115 (edit) open Add his proposal on the mapping between td-ontology and ssn to git: Maxime Lefrançois 2017-08-25
ACTION-116 (edit) open Clarify the proposal for the next ig call Maxime Lefrançois 2017-09-08
ACTION-117 (edit) open Generate a transition request for those 3 docs and work with plh and the webmaster Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-09-13
ACTION-118 (edit) open Generate a doodle for a plugfest organization call Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-10-04
ACTION-119 (edit) open Talk with plh about typescript Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-10-18
ACTION-120 (edit) open Check with dave and clarify who is invited to the mini-openday on monday Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-10-25
ACTION-121 (edit) open Create a doodle for dinner (sat vs sun) Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-11-01
ACTION-122 (edit) open Review terminology in regards to reducing the learning curve Matthias Kovatsch 2017-11-13
ACTION-123 (edit) open to provide text on td management and publication Sebastian Käbisch 2017-11-13
ACTION-124 (edit) open Update the webex setting for the new td call slot Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-12-13
ACTION-125 (edit) open Ask zoltan about when to have the next meeting in jan. 2018 Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-12-25
ACTION-126 (edit) open Create a wbs questionnaire for prague f2f Kazuyuki Ashimura 2018-01-31
ACTION-127 (edit) open Generate a note on the participation (this is a w3c member meeting...) Kazuyuki Ashimura 2018-02-07
ACTION-128 (edit) open Talk within the w3c team about possible work on vocabulary for major protocols (like http protocol by rdf) Kazuyuki Ashimura 2018-02-20
ACTION-129 (edit) open Make announcement to the groups to provide concrete tds and also we should have one more plugfest call on 21st to check the progress Kazuyuki Ashimura 2018-03-23
ACTION-130 (edit) open Talk with plh about rechartering Kazuyuki Ashimura 2018-04-05
ACTION-131 (edit) open Talk with plh if td can refer to json-ld 1.1 if it's a wd Kazuyuki Ashimura 2018-04-05
ACTION-132 (edit) open Add comments on testing (pr 439) based on today's discussion Kazuyuki Ashimura 2018-04-17
ACTION-133 (edit) open Create a repo for wot-test Kazuyuki Ashimura 2018-04-17
ACTION-134 (edit) open Talk about how to extract assertions from spec drafts Kazuyuki Ashimura 2018-05-02
ACTION-135 (edit) open Will edit the td doc to change "name" to "label" and remove the "identifier" restriction Takuki Kamiya 2018-05-18
ACTION-136 (edit) open Generate a doodle poll for the testing call next week Kazuyuki Ashimura 2018-05-30
ACTION-137 (edit) open Check the document using checkers before publication Kazuyuki Ashimura 2018-09-07
ACTION-138 (edit) open Add a reference for openapi Michael McCool 2018-09-07
ACTION-139 (edit) open Add an example for scopes (in the security part) Michael McCool 2018-09-07
ACTION-140 (edit) open Create issues based on his comments so that mccool and others can work through them. Michael Lagally 2018-09-07
ACTION-141 (edit) open Someone to prepare the session on asynchronous pattern Zoltan Kis 2018-09-10
ACTION-142 (edit) open Generate a draft document for his proposed note Maxime Lefrançois 2018-11-23
ACTION-143 (edit) open Create a concrete example on issue 213 Michael Lagally 2018-11-23
ACTION-144 (edit) open Create another example for issue 279 and make the proposal clearer Michael Lagally 2018-11-23
ACTION-145 (edit) open Ask plh/wendy about the new charter template Kazuyuki Ashimura 2018-11-28
ACTION-146 (edit) open Setup a doodle for these long sessions Kazuyuki Ashimura 2018-11-28
ACTION-147 (edit) open Setup a doodle to check what timing is better Matthias Kovatsch 2018-11-28
ACTION-148 (edit) open Talk with richard and ivan about this Kazuyuki Ashimura 2018-11-30
ACTION-149 (edit) open Create an initial template for the 2nd wot workshop Kazuyuki Ashimura 2018-12-05
ACTION-150 (edit) open Generate a doodle poll for the expected wot architecture calls Kazuyuki Ashimura 2018-12-26
ACTION-151 (edit) open Create the expected 2 gh repos for 2 security documents (wot-security-best-practices, wot-security-testing-plan) Kazuyuki Ashimura 2018-12-26
ACTION-152 (edit) open Ask plh/ralph if it's ok to use selector script to change the examples within a w3c rec track document Kazuyuki Ashimura 2018-12-28
ACTION-153 (edit) open Allocate a webex for the f2f Kazuyuki Ashimura 2019-01-16
ACTION-154 (edit) open Update the security section Michael McCool 2019-01-25
ACTION-155 (edit) open Ask manu about his availability during our princeton f2f Kazuyuki Ashimura 2019-01-25
ACTION-156 (edit) open Create an issue on "vocabulary term" Ege Korkan 2019-02-07
ACTION-157 (edit) open Include zoltan and daniel into the discussion thread with plh and yves Kazuyuki Ashimura 2019-02-07
ACTION-158 (edit) open Remove gray box of home Michael Lagally 2019-02-08
ACTION-159 (edit) open Generate additional use cases on mobile users Michael McCool 2019-02-08
ACTION-160 (edit) open Generate text on security at the beginning of section 5 building blocks Michael McCool 2019-02-08
ACTION-161 (edit) open Generate some text on digital twin idea around 5.1 overview Michael Lagally 2019-02-08
ACTION-162 (edit) open Talk with the w3c comm team about the wot landing page Kazuyuki Ashimura 2019-02-08
ACTION-163 (edit) open Talk with w3m about possible liaison with the open data model group Kazuyuki Ashimura 2019-02-09
ACTION-164 (edit) open Create a pr on how to make the schema restrictive Ege Korkan 2019-02-09
ACTION-165 (edit) open Create an area to store presentations from f2f meetings Kazuyuki Ashimura 2019-02-09
ACTION-166 (edit) open Add links from the minutes to the presentation files Kazuyuki Ashimura 2019-02-27
ACTION-167 (edit) open Create an issue on "subprotocol" within form Kazuyuki Ashimura 2019-03-01
ACTION-168 (edit) open Talk again with plh and yves about tag review for td Kazuyuki Ashimura 2019-03-15
ACTION-169 (edit) open Talk with i18n and a12y contacts for td and architecture Kazuyuki Ashimura 2019-03-20
ACTION-170 (edit) open Talk with i18n,a12y, json-ld for their wide reviews Kazuyuki Ashimura 2019-04-03
ACTION-171 (edit) open Updates Victor Charpenay 2019-04-12
ACTION-172 (edit) open Create an issue about example 11 using "method" instead of "methodname" Kazuyuki Ashimura 2019-04-12
ACTION-173 (edit) open Ask ralph/plh about the usage of json-schema and web-linking. also abut http vs https for namespace uri Kazuyuki Ashimura 2019-05-10
ACTION-174 (edit) open Check the diff between the master branch and the publication version, and create a pullrequest for the editorial changes Kazuyuki Ashimura 2019-05-24
ACTION-175 (edit) open Talk with ralph about how to handle the assertion for "other formats and algorithms for bearer tokens may be specified in vocabulary extensions." Kazuyuki Ashimura 2019-06-13
ACTION-176 (edit) open Talk with r12a about the language tag issue Kazuyuki Ashimura 2019-06-14
ACTION-177 (edit) open Talk with naomi about demo prep on mon/tue Kazuyuki Ashimura 2019-06-14
ACTION-178 (edit) open Send a reminder to addison and richard on i18n issues Kazuyuki Ashimura 2019-07-12

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